Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aprons for Women with Sass and Style

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aprons for women anthroI don't cook beautiful meals all too often because it's just me I'm cooking for -- and there's hardly a need to impress myself! When I'm expecting one or more guests, however, I like to get really fancy. Paper plates are traded out for modernist dishware, plastic utensils get replaced by freshly-buffed silverware, the island is cleared of mail and transforms into a prep station, frozen foods bow out to fresh ingredients and I even slip on one of those fetching vintage-style aprons for women. It's a whole production!

I used to cook in less than glamorous attire for fear of getting my nicer clothes messy. Wanting to look a bit more presentable to guests, I went shopping to find an attractive apron. But do attractive aprons even exist? Apparently, yes! In fact, in my research since my original purchase (I committed to one from Anthropologie), I've found many sweet and sassy aprons for women! Many have cute patterns and some are even designed to look like flirty, vintage dresses. With a stylish apron, you can look great greeting guests as you finish cooking the meal, and then guarantee that you'll look great once you remove the apron to join everyone outside of the kitchen. Take a look at some of the most adorable aprons for women that are available online. Every one of these are under $40! See a favorite? Mine have a blue heart beside them. Share yours!

aprons for women pink floralaprons for women black dressaprons for women etoileaprons for women sweet cherries
aprons for women lemonaprons for women cherry blossomaprons for women cupcakesaprons for women chic lbd
aprons for women ginghamaprons for women vintage blueaprons for women redaprons for women zebra
aprons for women neopolitanaprons for women chic pink blackaprons for women pink satinaprons for women spanish style
aprons for women floral dressaprons for women citrus trioaprons for women cupcakesaprons for women sunny

There are also precious half aprons available for those domestic goddesses who have little worry for stains happening anywhere up top!

aprons for women lemonsaprons for women french blueaprons for women mixed
aprons for women polka dotsaprons for women botanicalaprons for women pink and black

More stylish aprons for women from Flirty Aprons >>
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More stylish aprons for women from DII >>

Consider yourself crafty? Here's a super quick and easy way you can make a bohemian apron out of an old, decorative pillowcase. Watch and learn!

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