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Earth Day Crafts: Teach Your Kids to Love the Earth with Craft Fun

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Earth Day is coming up soon - Friday, April 22, a week from today. One way to teach your kids about Earth Day? Crafts focusing on plants, nature, and especially recycling are great ways to inform your kid about the importance of Earth Day while having fun making things.

Earth Day craftsOf course, Earth Day crafts dealing with how plants grow are perfect ways for kids to learn about Earth Day, and the Sid the Science Kid How Do Plants Grow Kit teaches your children the basics about how plants grow from seeds. Based on the wildly popular Emmy-nominated and Jim Henson-produced PBS Kids TV show, this Earth Day craft instructs your kids about how seeds sprout, what plants need to grow, and what makes dirt dirty. Including three pots, three soil pellets, seeds, and a hand shovel, your kids have everything they'll need to perform the six experiments encouraging them to explore their world. Also included is a journal in which kids can record their results, ask questions, try different ideas, and draw their observations. My four-year-old's son's preference for an Earth Day craft, this kit provides lots of fun and educational tips about the earth.

Earth Day craftsStickers are always a favorite of children, and these Self-Adhesive Earth Day Shapes Stickers from the Oriental Trading Company are perfect to make any craft projects Earth Day crafts. Featuring shapes such as the planet earth, pairs of hands, trees, and recycling symbols, these stickers boldly proclaim "Happy Earth Day," "Save the Planet," and "Celebrate Your World." Made of foam, all you have to do is peel the backs of the stickers and place them wherever you choose. A fun way to help others stay aware of the environment, these stickers can be the finishing touch on any Earth Day crafts you do.

Earth Day craftsWe've picked out a couple of books with Earth Day crafts projects for you to browse. The first, All New Crafts for Earth Day, provides 22 projects for Earth Day crafts, ranging from finger puppets made from balloons to an earth-friendly crafting box. Aimed at grades two through five, the craft instructions are clear and include an illustrated supply list. What makes these crafts Earth Day crafts are the materials used to make the crafts. Focusing on reducing, reusing, and recycling, you'll enjoy tackling these craft projects with your kids.

Earth Day craftsThe second Earth Day crafts book, Earth Day Crafts for Kids, explains exactly what Earth Day is and how the celebration of the day originally came about, and it also gives ideas on how you and your kids can celebrate Earth Day at home. This book gives a better focus on the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle than the previous book. Earth Day crafts such as making a ball out of old rubber bands and making a trash person sculpture show your kids exactly how to reuse items.

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