Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kindle Reader from Amazon Drops to $114!

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amazon kindle reader with special offersIt's official, Amazon dropped the price of its Kindle reader from $139 to $114 -- that's a $25 savings! But, there's a catch that may or may not be worth the price difference to some of you. This new, cheaper version of the ultra-popular e-reader is just as light and sunlight-friendly as the $139 version (that is still available), but it's integrated with sponsored screensavers (launch sponsors include Buick, Chase, Olay and Visa) and special offers that appear at the bottom of the screen. While the thought of offers invading your home screen space may sound marginally annoying, Amazon is insisting that those offers are relevant. Those offers can save you more money! Examples of offers include:

? $20 Amazon Gift Card for $10 (any one else remember that Groupon?)
? 6 Audible Books for $6
? An album from the Amazon MP3 Store for $1

As far as the Amazon Kindle reader screensavers go, Amazon's goal is to only show customers the types of sponsored screensavers that they would want to see. The way to go about that is to have interested users download an app called AdMash and vote for their preferred screensavers there. Should you get the new Kindle reader, the Kindle Screensaver Preferences section will also allow you to select the styles and types of screensavers you would rather view. Choose among themes such as: landscape, architecture, travel, photography and illustrations.

So, if you don't mind seeing a little extra show up on your Kindle reader, this new $114 Kindle with Special Offers might just be for you! And, you can pre-order it today.

Not loving the idea of special offers and sponsored screensavers? You can still order the Kindle for $139 or the Kindle 3G for $189.

Watch this Amazon Kindle ($139 version) demo and review, if you aren't as familiar!

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