Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shaggy Plush Dog Sleeping Bag

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shaggy plush dog sleeping bag

The Shaggy Plush Dog Sleeping Bag from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child comes with an attached pillow. Credit: rhbabyandchild.com

Sleeping bags aren't just for sleepovers at a friend's house. They're perfect for naps, camping out on Mom and Dad's floor or just for snuggling into while watching a movie on a rainy afternoon.

We suspect your kids will keep the Shaggy Plush Dog Sleeping Bag from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child stored in a very convenient place.

The cuddly sleeping bag comes with a puppy face that does double duty as a pillow. And, if you prefer, a bear style is also available.

At rhbabyandchild, $79 special, regularly $99.

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Source: http://www.parentdish.com/2011/04/25/shaggy-plush-dog-sleeping-bag/

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