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New Video Game Releases: May 3 - 16

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Thunderous great games this week in New Video Game Releases! The summer movie season--and its video game tie-ins--is upon us, with one of the biggest to come this month. Thor: God of Thunder from Sega ties in with the latest Marvel superhero to cross the screen, the Norse god Thor. The MotorStorm franchise rolls on to its fourth installment, this time throwing players into a dystopian urban environment being torn apart by natural disasters. LEGO turns its beloved video game franchise to the Pirates of the Caribbean series, fun for all on the high seas. Finally, Bethesda Sotfworks presents Brink, a dynamic new FPS that moves seamlessly from single player to online multiplayer. Awesome! See you in two weeks for more New Video Game Releases!

May 3

Sega Thor: God of ThunderMarvel Comics is revving up for one heck of a summer, with the next two heroes of its forthcoming Avengers team-up arriving. The first of those two is Thor: God of Thunder (Xbox 360 and PS3 - $49.95; Wii - $39.95; DS - $29.95; 3DS - $28.00), who will arrive in theaters this may wielding his mighty hammer. The game hews closely to the classic story, having been penned by Eisner-winning Thor comic co-writer Matt Fraction himself. Film star Chris Hemsworth also lends his voice to Thor, the Norse god who must battle legions of massive foes in his bid to save the mythological world of Asgard. The third-person single-player game gives players the chance to wield Mjonir, the legendary hammer that can crack the very earth with its thunder attack, and summon down elemental forces like hurrican-force gales and devastating lightning strikes that destroy multiple enemies at once. Presented in 3D, the game allows players to scale 25-foot tall trolls via various grappling points, allowing Thor to reach and exploit their weaknesses. Players can earn Valor runes for their achievements, which allow them to choose and upgrade their abilities, armor, attacks and weapons. The game will feature classic enemies from the comic series, including Ulik, Surtur, Ymir, and more. Get ready for the Thor movie, hitting American theaters on May 6, starring Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, and Tom Hiddleston. Get it Now on Aol Shopping.

Motorstorm ApocalypseThe MotorStorm franchise of wild, adrenaline-fueled racing games roars to its fourth installment, and third exclusively for the PlayStation 3. MotorStorm Apocalypse (PS3 - $56.99) boasts a more compelling story element than its three predecessors, viewing a catastrophe around the events of the MotorStorm Festival set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic urban California through the eyes of three of its participants: rookie Mash, pro Tyler, and grizzled vet Big Dog. In the style of landmark racing game Split Second, the festival is in the throes of a series of natural disasters that literally change the face of the earth while the racers are in the middle of a competition. The festival's beleaguered city--modeled after the Bay Area--is twisted and ripped apart in terrible upheavals that buckle bridges, collapse buildings, and tear gashes in the ground even as racers make their way around the courses. Meanwhile, unrest in the city forces the racers to have to deal with attacks and obstacles from pissed-off rioters and looters, who will try to ram them with cars or kill them with firearms. At the same time, a private military tries desperately to keep order, again throwing a deadly wrench in the racing. Racers can choose from five classes of vehicles--supercar, superbike, muscle car, chopper, and hot hatch--and can customize not only their own vehicles to boost performance, defensive, and offensive capabilities, but also create custom rules for online multiplayer tournaments. Players will also enjoy a new feature that allows them to cool their boost temperature gauges while in mid-air, simply by releasing the throttle. Hang on for a wild ride. Get it Now on Aol Shopping.

May 10

LEGO Pirates of the CaribbeanThe lovable LEGO series of video game film adaptations swashbuckles into a new beloved film franchise. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (XBox 360, PS3 and Wii - $47.99; 3DS - $39.99; PC, PSP and DS - $28.99) from Disney Interactive Studios brings all the rip-roaring, high seas fun of the box office smash hit Disney films to the console and PC. Players get to jump into storylines and over 70 characters from each of the three previous Pirates of the Caribbean films (and a few new ones), as well as the upcoming fourth installment On Strage Tides. The gameplay is the familiar LEGO style, in which players must use the varied talents of the characters to defeat enemies and solve simple but fun puzzles over the course of 20 levels. Sword-fighting is the main conceit of this game, with 3DS players able to use the StreetPass feature to engage in swordfights with other nearby 3DS players. As usual, the game allows for two-player co-op action, with the second player able to drop in/drop out any time they wish. And, as usual, the game offers tons of replay value, as unlockable characters can go back through cleared levels to pick up a variety of hidden treasures. It's a pirating good time for the whole family, spiced up with the trademark humor and wit of the LEGO video game series. Get it Now on Aol Shopping.

Bethesda BrinkBethesda Softworks presents a dynamic and groundbreaking game that pits two factions against one another for dwindling resources on a massive floating city. In Brink (XBox 360, PS3 and PC), a near-future earth has seen its oceans rise to catastrophic levels. The floating, sustainable, self-sufficient green habitat known as The Ark--originally home to a small population of scientists and pioneers--has taken on a huge population of refugees. Tensions between the original residents and the refugees have risen to a breaking point, as the Ark's leaders have been forced to hire security forces to hold off attacks from the so-called Resistance--refugees who believe that resources are being withheld from them. Players can choose either side of the desperate conflict, with no clear good or evil side. Players can almost endlessly customize their hero, choosing from four unique classes--Soldier, Engineer, Medic, or Operative--and using their skills to build a parkour-focused warrior that navigates around the game's terrain in mind-blowing ways. FPS is taken to new territory thanks to the SMART (Smooth Movement Around Random Terrain) feature, that intuitively and dynamically responds to different physical obstacles. Gameplay boasts a visionary, seamless blend of singleplayer and online multiplayer, as the game's story can be moved through by only one player, or up to eight cooperatively, or competitively with 8 vs. 8 factions. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance!


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