Monday, May 2, 2011

Third Grader Sells Father's Gun to Classmate for $3

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A third grader sold his father's gun to a classmate. Credit: Tim Sloan, AFP/Getty Images

A third grader at PS 107 in Queens, N.Y., brought his father's loaded 9mm handgun with him to school on Thursday.

The 8-year-old then sold it to a friend, who thought it was a toy, for a whopping $3, the New York Post reports.

When the new gun owner brought his "toy" home, his mother brought the weapon to school officials, who then called 911.

According to the Post, Ignacio Galvan, 54, the father of the boy who sold the gun, told police he bought the Taurus semiautomatic 10 years ago for protection.

Galvan was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and also for endangering the welfare of a child. His son also faces charges as a juvenile.

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