Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Editor's Review: Garmin 210 Forerunner

For Mother's Day my husband and three kids got me a Garmin 210 Forerunner watch. I had been searching high and low for a GPS enabled sports watch that would help me as I train to run a couple of half marathons this spring and summer and a full marathon in the fall.

While running is my current focus, I consider myself more of a gym rat, so I wanted to make sure that I got a sport watch that would work well in the gym as well. And, I will admit that I am very technologically challenged, so I also needed a watch that was VERY easy to use.

The Garmin Forerunner 210 answered all of my needs and more.

So easy to set up!
You take it out of the box, charge it, take it outside so that it can locate the GPS satellite, answer a couple of set-up questions, press start and are ready to go. Once your work out is done you press stop and your Garmin 210 Forerunner has recorded your session.

Listen to your heart!
The Forerunner 210 can also come bundled with soft strap heart rate monitor so that you can see your heart rate displayed in beats per minute. It has five heart rate zones, which you can customize based on your exact zones. You can also set up heart rate alerts to notify you when you are above or below your targets. The Forerunner 210 also provides heart rate-based calorie computations so you can more accurately track the calories that you have burned.

Track your sessions!
You can also easily track your session with Garmin Connect. There is a free website that allows you to analyze your performance. Just upload to Garmin Connect from your PC or Mac, then see the route you traveled on a map, view a summary of your workout data, create goals and more. For indoor activities when the GPS isn't in use, you won't see mapping in Garmin Connect, but you'll still have a record of your workout data.

Fancy GPS Technology!
Forerunner 210 features HotFix(R) satellite prediction, which means it locks onto satellites quickly so you can be out the door and on with your run in no time. It also has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver to stay locked onto satellites, even near tall buildings or under tree cover.

The Forerunner 210 retails for $250, but is really worth every penny. Now that I have my Forerunner 210, I can't imagine running with out it! Every time I use my watch, which is about 5 times a week, I tell my husband and kids that this is the best Mother's Day gift, ever!

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