Saturday, April 16, 2011

Padma Lakshmi Says Her Daughter Doesn't Eat Leftovers, but Is on a 'Kale Kick'

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Padma Lakshmi's baby only eats homemade food. Credit: Getty Images

We suppose it should come as no surprise that "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi should have a child with a refined palate, but a "Tuscan kale kick"? Really?

The former model, 40, tells Parade magazine this week that her foodie daughter Krishna, 1,
is, indeed, enjoying herself some kale these days, and that the tot doesn't like leftovers.

"...She eats homemade food," Lakshmi tells Parade. "She's never had store-bought baby food."

As for her own diet, and maintaining that enviable physique, Lakshmi tells the magazine she actually does not stay in shape while filming her Bravo reality show.

"I go up one to two dress sizes," she tells Parade. "What you don't see on camera is that I do have a rack full of clothes that range in sizes, and as I gain weight, I just wear bigger clothes."

That extra weight doesn't last long, though. Lakshmi tells the magazine she goes back to her regular exercise routine once the season wraps.

"It was hard to lose the baby weight, it was hard to do that while eating for a living and filming the show," she tells Parade. "I just do a little bit every day. You don't need expensive classes and all kinds of weird equipment if you really want to be in shape. There are great ways to do it that are very economical, it just takes a time commitment, even if it means waking up a half hour a day before the rest of the household gets up because that's the only time you have, or planning your workouts when the kids are at school or taking a nap. It requires a lot of creativity and commitment and consistent discipline."

Of course, that doesn't keep her from an indulgence now and then.

"I'm a big muncher and I like anything salty and crunchy, so I like the original SunChips," Lakshmi tells Parade. "I also put the Lay's BBQ chips inside my sandwiches to add a little crunch. That's what I used to do in high school."

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