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Graduation Gifts? Electronics!

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Anecdotally speakiPhone 4ing -- from teenagers in my neighborhood -- electronics are the most desired gifts for graduation, aside from a new car, of course. (From the parents of the teenagers in my neighborhood -- "yeah; like that's going to happen"). Cell phones, computers; you name it, if it's got a processor in it, the kids would like it as a gift. With that in mind -- some suggestions.

Cell phones top the list of desired graduation gifts -- this iPhone4 Smartphone would likely keep them happy. 32GB, Facetime video calling -- a nice way to keep in touch with the kids when they call to ask for more money -- retina display, HD video and 5 MP camera, tri-axis sensor, GPS, and a scratch-resistant display on the 3 1/2" screen. The big deal about the phone? It can run simultaneous apps; so your graduate can order a pizza while telling you that your cafeteria food plan money is being well-spent.

canon powershot sx 130 digital camdera
Digital cameras -- for a better quality than that found in a cell phone, the Canon PowerShot SX130. Compact and lightweight, the camera features a 12X wide angle optical zoom, and you get stereo sound recording to go along with 720p high definition video. Smart Flash for low light conditions, and Smart Auto so you only have to point and shoot to get terrific images. This nice camera doesn't need to be sent only as a graduation gift, of course. It works just as well for a graduate's parents, and may be justified as necessary for pictures at the graduation ceremony. Good thinking, Mom and Dad.

HP mini 110 netbook computer
Computers, of course, are high on any graduate's gift want list -- this HP Mini 110 Netbook may just be what the college-bound freshman would like. It's less than an inch in thickness, and about 3 pounds in weight; perfect for an on-the-go student. 10.1" (diagonal) anti-glare screen, 4+ hours of battery life (depending on whether the computer is researching homework or running multi-player video games), 250GB hard drive, web cam, 3 USB ports, and wireless access circuitry on-board, of course. One year (limited) warranty on this computer that will easily fit in a backpack.

vizio razor 22' LED tv

For the dorm room, a 22" Vizio Razor LED TV. 1080p resolution, touch-sensitive screen controls, and 5 inputs for connection to the smart phone and net book you also gave your new student as a graduation gift.
amazon.com gift card

Last, but certainly not the least -- gift cards! With this handy item, your prospective grad gets what he or she wants, and everybody is happy. Sweet. From Amazon.com, the cards have no expiration date, are available in a number of face value amounts, and are shipped free of charge.

Graduation gifts -- now's the time to start thinking about what you'll give your graduate.

If you're planning a graduation party, here are some tips:

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