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SILKt�ge -- The All Natural Answer To Frizz Free Hair!

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My hair seems to have a mind of its own and once the heat and humidity strikes, it spells disaster for my do.
Whenever the temperature heats up, I'm on the hunt for an easy solution to tame my often unruly hair. My usual remedy is to just pull it back into a French roll or a quick ponytail.

Luckily the temperature here on the east coast hasn't been consistently hot, so I've been able to escape the whole 'what to do with my frizzy hair?' dilemma. That was until I visited my family in sunny, southwest Florida last week.

The weather was beautiful during my four day visit but the humidity crept in during the last few days. I'm SO glad that packed a bottle of SILKtáge by Emtage Hair because it solved my hair woes. Unlike other popular serums, I appreciate the fact that SILKtáge is made out of all natural ingredients such as certified Organic Camellia (green tea) seed oil, Certified Organic Coconut nut oil, Broccoli seed oil and Monoi oil flower extract.

It's designed to work on various types of hair, to help eliminate frizz, thicken hair strands, reduce drying time, increase shine and improve the overall health of your hair. I used it after a day in the hot sun at the beach and then again before heading to church. Both times, I was satisfied that my hair was noticeable smoother, with less frizz.

A little definitely goes a long way. I only used a few drop of serum each time and I'll know that I'll have the majority of the 3.4 fl. oz. bottle to use throughout the spring and summer. I've even read online that it can be used for more than just hair. You can use it to apply on dry areas of the face to soften fine lines and wrinkles, as a body oil, on dry skin, as a massage oil and to condition the skin after shaving. Trés useful!

Now that you're familiar with how SILKtáge works, let's dig deeper into the story behind SILKtáge, shall we? It's actually the brain child of hair stylist/makeup artist, Robin Emtage. As a stylist, she noticed that many of the serums that she was using were filled will parabens and other harsh chemicals. She decided to find an all-natural alternative. After shopping around natural food stores, she didn't find such a product but did discover oils and botanicals from Japan, Tahiti, India and other parts of the world. She began experimenting with these oils in her kitchen, until she discovered the formula for SILKtáge. She used the serum on her client's hair and the requests for individual bottles began to pour in. The next step was to find a cosmetics lab to replicate the winning formula and the rest they say is history!

Like what you've read so far? You can purchase your very own 3.4 fl. oz. bottle of SILKtáge on sale for $33, to jump start your way to healthier, frizz free hair today! Purchase SILKtáge now.

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